(AUDIO BOOK) The Man-ual – How to deal with husbands and sons


Toni Mrvič and Marko Juhant


Toni Mrvič and Marko Juhant – AUDIO BOOK

We have written the handbook in front of you now with the
intention of helping to improve partnerships and family
relationships. It is relationships that dene our satisfaction in life.
In the pursuit of you, dear reader, having a contented and
fullled life, we decided to sincerely open to you the door to the
male world and reveal many things about which others have
kept silent.

These new insights about men will allow you to
more easily understand your husband and sons and to connect
more deeply with them.

As the handbook is intended primarily for women (it is cordially
recommended that men read it as well), it encourages you to
discuss ideas, cases, or whole chapters with your spouses and to
ask them what they think about a particular topic. Every man is
different. How much salt to add to a recipe is up to the taste of
each individual.



CIP – Kataložni zapis o publikaciji
Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica, Ljubljana


    The Man-ual [Elektronski vir] : how to deal with husbands and sons / Toni Mrvič and Marko Juhant. – Spletni zvočni posnetek. – Mavčiče : Orton, 2021

ISBN 978-961-95606-0-0 (mp3)
COBISS.SI-ID 87982851


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